My first 5K

I decided a few months ago to quit being lazy and get up at 5 am and starting exercising. Julie and Robert where there so I decided it would not be so bad if I could see somebody I know that early in the morning. The first little while I walked and I thought I was walking so fast and then Julie said, "Run, Dera, Run". I thought: "NO WAY, it is early and I really don't like being out of bed right now." Then the two of them passed me again on the track and I thought fine I will try it, I won't like it, but if I try it they can't say it anymore. It really took me a couple of months to start liking it and I have to say running outside is much better than running on an indoor track.

So I signed up to run my first 5K on May 1st with Heather, Julie and my friend Jill. I was really nervous because I hadn't really even ran 3 miles yet and wasn't sure if I could make it or not. As I rounded the last corner and heard the lady ringing the cow bell I started to tear up a little bit. It was an awesome feeling to finish something that seemed so big. I had a picture taken of me crossing the finish line, but Heather's brother-in-law hasn't sent it to me yet.

I have now signed up for two more 5k's this summer and a 10K in September. It has been a big stress reliever during this time of my life and it makes me feel better. It gives you a lot of time to think about things and hopefully be able to deal with life's challenges. Who knew...thanks sisters for bugging me about running!!!!!!

New craft project

So in Dec. my sisters wanted to learn how to crochet hats, but of course I don't like to crochet so I asked my mom if she would make one for Chelsea. It sometimes takes my mom a long time to make things because she has a long list to get through and so I told her to give me a hook and I would see what I could do. I have made three hats, around 30 washcloths, a "sick" blanket and am finishing up a baby blanket. It has been a relaxing thing to work on while I am sitting at practices, games and during my lunch hour. I will have to post pictures later because I really don't have time to get out the camera.


You know the last few months have been really hard to deal with at our house. I spend lots of time wondering where I failed my oldest and how to at least make him understand what is important to me. I hope that someday he will realize that he once felt the same way, but has just lost it somewhere along the way. Loving that kid is hard some days and him knowing his behavior is what I am disappointed in and not him personally are really hard for him to separate since he thinks it's the same thing. I love him with all of my heart and I hope he will know that some day. I read my sister's blogs and wish my life was that simple again and regret that I didn't do some things I should have. I guess the thought is that if I would have done some things different maybe his choices would have been different. I just hope and pray everyday that Heavenly Father will help me through these hard times and that I can change my heart to have a better relationship with all of my kids. I think the most important thing I pray for is that I have the courage to share my testimony with all of my children so that they will never question how I feel about the Savior and will want to feel the same way. Maybe some day the big pay-off will come that I hear about, but until then I hope that I can endure to the end and hold onto the iron rod, hopefully with my husband and all my children behind me.

Stacy's Awesome Kits

I have been scrapbooking some things with Stacy's kits. She has become a designer and I think her kits are awesome. Here are some of the layouts I did with them. I have a link to her store check it out.

Stacy's Back Door Designs
Forever Family Kit

Stacy's Back Door Designs
Rainbow Paper Pack

Stacy's Back Door Designs
On The Move Kit

Stacy's Back Door Designs
Oh Christmas Tree Kit

Brayden and Eric

The other day in my searching for digi scrapping materials I found this saying: "God made us cousins because he know our moms couldn't handle us as siblings." I instantly thought of Brayden and Eric. Those two crack me up. I am glad that they are such good friends. So I decided I needed to make a page with those two and I had Chelsea take pictures over at Grandma's. Here is what I came up with.

Kat's Creations - It's A Boy Thing
Kim's Scrappin - Word Art
Font - Pea cammi-pea


Here is the cute pic Janae took of Austin. He looks so much like his dad.


Here is the great photo Janae took of Brayden. He always has a smile on his face. He cheers me up when I am having a bad day.